Depression is a liar. It tells you
everything is bad and that it
won’t get any better. It tells you
in your own voice so you’ll believe
it. It’s not that bad. Tell yourself
it’s not that bad. Say it in your own
voice so you’ll believe it instead of
waiting for someone else. It’s not
that bad. And even if it is, you’re
strong enough to get through it.
And even if you’re not, there is
someone to help you. Don’t listen
to that voice telling you you’re
alone. You’re not.
Don’t fall for the boy who has
seen you makeup-free or with
a face scrunched-up with ugly,
uncontrollable laughter or tears;
the one you call your best friend.
Instead, fall for the ones that lift
out easily, the ones that wash
away with tough soap, the ones
that have only ever been in the
part of your heart meant for
romance. Don’t fall for the boy
who you need as a friend because
when he breaks your heart, who
will be the one to fix it?
anne, fall for anyone but him (via anneisrestless)